01 February 2009


Have you found yourself looking through many sources for news and thinking to yourself that there are too many hours in the day to continuously go looking through them?

Yes, that's my problem, too. In fact, in creating this blog, I arguably made this problem worse. As I look at the News St. Louis blog, inevitably I find myself looking at the numerous sources for news along the side, going to the Pentagraph (Bloomington IL), local newspapers in the metropolitan area, and several others which are initially RIGHT HERE.

Okay, there are reasons for my having done so, including the fact that if I read my own blog I will feel compelled to actually write something for whomever may be my audience - real or perceived. Lately, I've been keeping myself too distant --- in fact I have come to realize how many stories that I have not been following. Not just missing details of stories, but the story itself in many cases. If there is one thing that I have learned, it's that keeping informed makes me feel better connected to life. So, I will make a few more attempts (I write this as the Super Bowl is on TV...funny aside is that I am not watching it and STILL managed to put a sports metaphor into a sentence without knowing I was about to do so) at finding and writing some stories which may compel someone to do some reading of this site.

Upcoming articles include an interview with someone who was part of the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America, a look at some politically active situation, and music in the region.

If you pray, please pray that I can remember to do my blog some kind of proper justice.