06 September 2008

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Tonight, as I read through myspace, I looked at my friends' bulletins. One caught my eye, from myFoxSTL.com --- former Kirkwood Mayor Mike Swoboda has died. Sometimes one gets away from the news for a few hours --- in this case most of today. It pains me to hear this news, as the former Kirkwood mayor had been the lone bright spot in a terrible historic moment.

If you want to view their version of the story, go to www.myfoxstl.com

Mike Swoboda survived the gunfire at Kirkwood City Hall on February 7th, 2008, even though he sustained two gunshot wounds to the head. He battled back and made it to a council meeting in April. If you read the myfoxstl story, you'll see that he apparently had been battling cancer.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Mayor.

Just below the line:
By the way --- congratulations to John Brown of Fox 2 who joins KTRS for the early afternoon shift - 12 pm to 3 pm. He replaces Mark Christopher in that time period, ahead of the Large Morning Show In The Afternoon featuring Frank O. Pinion.

MUSIC: Who says you can't have your Squeeze? Apparently, nobody bothered to tell some of us that the legendary UK-based group was in town at The Pageant the other night. Reeling from this stark realization, one local (and unnamed) scribe was quoted as saying "And to think that I actually had a stain on my notebook from where my girlfriend's coffee cup had been and I didn't think to look at the concert schedule the past several weeks...great...next thing you'll tell me is that Brian Wilson released a new CD."
Um...yup, that, too! Lucky Old Sun is already in stores, as well.

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