18 October 2008

Parking On Gravois at Oldenburg

Neighbors of popular restaurant Syberg's along Gravois say they do not blame the restaurant for the problems that their customers have made for drivers. But those same neighbors say they would like to see St. Louis County Police issue a few tickets and perhaps make some arrests of select, inconsiderate, restaurant customers who park along Gravois in the NO PARKING ZONE areas just north of the intersection with Oldenburg Avenue.

A quick view of the area in question shows the concerns of the residents are valid, and, although when News St. Louis visited the corner there were no illegally parked vehicles along Gravois on this particular night, we did observe one pickup truck illegally parked halfway in the first parking stall and halfway onto the SIDEWALK.

A followup visit is scheduled soon. We'll keep you posted to see if police show up, or if the inconsiderate vehicle owners win and continue parking illegally.

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