28 April 2009

Soulard Oktoberfest Seeks Public Response

Officials with the SOULARD OKTOBERFEST are seeking comments from area residents regarding the festival and how it is handled as well as perceived by the public.

Organizers from the SOULARD OKTOBERFEST, run by the Soulard Oktoberfest Benevolent Association, met with officials from the city of St. Louis on Monday. The city Parks, Recreation and Forestry Division as well as Ald. Phyllis Young expressed concerns over the rowdiness of the Oktoberfest crowd and asked for some concessions from the Oktoberfest regarding its festival. Oktoberfest officials told the city they would gladly address these concerns by May 31st in hopes of coming to a compromise so that the 2009 edition of the SOULARD OKTOBERFEST would be allowed to continue in its current location at 8th and Lafayette - from 7th and Lafayette to 9th and Lafayette, over to Carroll Street from 9th to 7th St - around Soulard Market and the park along Lafayette Avenue. An official with the Soulard Oktoberfest tells News St. Louis that they were encouraged by the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Division to keep in touch with that arm of city government so that the festival may be able to continue in its current configuration in 2009.

The Soulard Oktoberfest is hoping to secure enough support from the neighborhood residents and business owners, as well as the St. Louis public in general, to help shore up the notion that they have been running a good old-fashioned German heritage festival in a responsible manner.

Soulard Oktoberfest officials hope that those concerned about the well-being of the festival contact Ald. Phyllis Young at the city of St. Louis. Her email address is: pyoung@stlouiscity.com

Contact information for the Soulard Oktoberfest is available on their website: http://www.soulardoktoberfest.com
or more directly: http://www.soulardoktoberfest.com/dev/index.php?option=com_contact&Itemid=3

Those who wish to volunteer time or other resources can contact the organizers of the Soulard Oktoberfest.

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