23 June 2016

#BuzzForPOTUS Takes On The Two Party Presidential System - Buzz Ullrich for President in 2016

Is the American political system "rigged"?  There are millions of U. S. Citizens who make that assertion or comment and don't bother to vote for any reason --- even for a national campaign like that of President of the United States.

A recent trend in social media is noticing the Presidential campaign of the Independent Candidate - Buzz Ullrich - a native St. Louisan who currently lives in the metro east.  His friends have been urging him to actually run, despite the fact that it was once "sort of a joke" that he would run for President of the United States (POTUS) for almost 25 years.  But one thing that nobody counted on was the "campaign hashtag" taking out a lot of the fire from the presumptive nominees for the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, let alone the "why" behind the #BuzzForPOTUS hashtag becoming not just a joke, but a symbol of a truly grass roots presidential campaign.

Why #BuzzForPOTUS - one asks?

Buzz says it was a simple message that would convey the "who is running" to the mainstream voter.

And then there is the presence of the mainstream voters being fatigued by the bickering of both billionaire Donald Trump, and former Secretary of State/former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton before they either one have accepted a nomination by their respective parties.

The question then becomes: Why vote for an independent candidate - a virtual unknown?

Buzz Ullrich's answer may not set the world ablaze, but makes sense to some extent:

"Roughly one-third of all citizens of the United States are REGISTERED voters.  Already, two-thirds of the public feels the system is "unfair" or "rigged" and don't even bother to register.  BUT, that still leaves around 110-million Americans who can vote.  If the majority of those registered voters are sick and tired of Donald and Hillary - and I think they will be by late July or early August - there is a chance that a grass roots campaign can successfully convert these long time voters to not just GO to the polls, but actually send someone who is more like Abraham Lincoln than Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton TO The White House.
Never mind the uphill challenges that face an unfunded campaign.  Voter fatigue is REAL.  And since the methods of getting a message of reform out is easy in this age of social media, running a truly INDEPENDENT campaign and winning is --- well --- at the highest level, EVER, in the history of this great country.
  So, it is truly about the issues that may be getting lost in the bickering of the two parties.  And because this Buzz for POTUS campaign is present in 2016, those important things will actually get some traction.  After all, there is a lot of work to do, to focus upon, and to deliver to the public during this presidential campaign year.
The economy needs to be improved upon.
Nobody is truly 100 percent happy with the Affordable Care Act - thus another reform is necessary. There are several U.S. Government agencies which need to be revamped and restructured.
And perhaps one issue that keeps getting swept under the rug is the equality of our middle of the road people versus the elite.  Since I am not a member of the elite and the so-called one percent, my understanding of the ground level economic woes is much more aligned with reality than that of a reality star or a career politician - both of whom are worth more millions than I'll ever see unless I win a lottery jackpot.
  Basically, now is the time to share with the citizenry the common bonds which pull the people TOGETHER rather than the divisiveness of the two party system's nominees.  And what everyone will see over the next few months is the unity of the mainstream voter behind me and my INDEPENDENT PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.  The hashtag #BuzzForPOTUS is the symbol of a national outcry for something different, something better than what we've all been getting in D.C.
If it's Buzz Ullrich - you will know what you're getting. It's not a bought or sold campaign promise.  It's a leader for the middle ground, from the middle class, only a small catastrophic event away from the poor house.  The average American will be able to relate to me because I am just working hard to make things better for my family and friends and community in exactly the same way every other head of household is doing in 2016."

Those are some of the reasons why Buzz Ullrich says he is going to be elected the next President.

Meanwhile, now you know the scoop on the hashtag #BuzzForPOTUS before the election gets here.

But why did he joke about campaigning in the 1990s?

"I was discussing the future with a friend.  Kiddingly, I said I would run for President in the first election after my 40th birthday.  When I realized that 2008 was coming at the wrong time for me, personally, I didn't run.  After all, it was originally a fun joke.  My wife - Karen - even had a "Buzz Ullrich for President 2008" shirt made for me.  And the world was not getting any better.  The political climate became overtly WRONG for the mainstream American, middle of the road, person.  And in 2012, there were independent candidates who received votes because of the lack of a truly good choice in Presidential candidates.  But the advent of social media has changed in these four years.  And my feelings about the situation is clear: we need a mainstream leader and not someone who is all about their own ambitions.  I want the public to be represented before the Congress.  But I'm not willing to be only a House or Senate candidate because that would only get me the experience of a lifetime for one term before the two main parties figure out how to outspend me for the entire term.  So, my strategy is simply to run for President and win.  This way, I can take my four years and make it count for EVERY American.  It might have been a joke even back eight years.  But now, it's about the PEOPLE and how to make everyone feel better about our union AND KNOW that things have been improved over the term of four years.  And, yes, I think that the founding fathers knew that this scenario could happen one day in the United States.  They had foresight that someone could emerge from obscurity to become the leader of the national interest.  Clearly, that's why I am running. In the interest of the citizens' rights to pursue life and liberty and happiness, I am running to win. And if it be the will of the PEOPLE to choose me as the next President - I'll find a way to bring the truth of Washington D.C. politics to the public.  After all - that adage of "all is fair in love and politics" might be the reason I win.  Because if Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump choose the path of "but he has no experience" as their main rhetoric, I'll point out that neither one of them has been ELECTED on a national level, too.  She wasn't elected Secretary of State, she was appointed and confirmed - that's not an election.  She WAS once elected a Senator by residents who live only in the STATE of New York.  Donald Trump wasn't elected to any public office prior to his run for President.  He only saw polls by TV Ratings before he was FIRED by a network. Thus, the POTUS political playing field is actually pretty level.  None of the three of us - four of us if you count Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson - have been elected to a national position."

That seems somewhat political for someone who has largely been non-political, a man who has spent his life interviewing public officials and politicians while staying vastly neutral as a reporter. However, one of the things that is noticeable about Buzz is: what he stated was said in a very rational manner.  Calm. Statements that have been well thought out.  And not so much in a deliberately political and "in your face" kind of way.  More gentle and respectful in a way that perhaps the public will embrace in the heat of a Presidential battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the presumed main party nominees.

It may be a little difficult to believe that any candidate - let alone a little known independent candidate for the highest visible office in the entire free world - is thinking rationally.  There is a bit of stress for every political candidate.  However, it doesn't seem as impossible - as some, especially incumbent Congressional members and candidates representing the two major political parties, would suggest - that an unknown could be the next President.

Well beyond St. Louis there are bound to be people wondering about why they are seeing #BuzzForPOTUS on their twitter or Facebook feed.  His supporters say the general public will soon realize that the 21st century is REALLY changing.  Politics is moving away from the "rigged" to the "smart" campaign.

Smart is assuredly a prerequisite for President, even though exactly what "smart" entails is up for interpretation.  Still, however smart Buzz Ullrich may be, his biggest challenge is making his message spread around the world fast enough to garner attention from the major networks and cultural intellectuals before the Presidential election in November.

With that time frame growing ever shorter, one must wonder how soon those "undecided" or "fed up" voters will choose a candidate.  And how many millions will embrace Buzz Ullrich before they give up on voting for a candidate in 2016.

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